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1. When you leave the table for a few minutes, the napkin can be placed on the left or the right side of your plate.


When you leave the table, one places their napkin on the seat of their chair or the arm of their chair. The napkin should never be placed on the table until you are done with your meal. Then, it is placed to the left of the plate.

2. Name badges are to be worn on the left shoulder.


Name badges or name tags are to be placed on your right shoulder area. Placing them in this position puts your name in the line of sight to the individual with whom you are shaking hands, being introduced to and speaking with. A name tag on the left shoulder creates an eye aversion. Eye contact is important.

3. When introduced to others, you need not stand up.


Standing up is a sign of respect. When being introduced to someone always stand, make eye contact, smile and shake hands.

4. An appropriate greeting after an introduction is “Hello”.


The most appropriate response after being introduced to someone is to say, “Hello ______________” using their name in the blank. Saying their name also helps YOU remember.

5. It’s acceptable to reach across the table or across another person to get the bread.


Good manners dictate that you NEVER reach to get something on the table. Always ask the person to whom the item is closest to, to pass the item to you. Items are passed counter clockwise.

6. It is alright to cross your legs at business meetings all over the world.


Business protocol brings a new awareness to customs from around the globe. Respecting multicultural traditions can influence your success or not in the business world. As an example, be careful not to cross your legs exposing the sole of your shoes as this is an offence in many countries.

7. When you approach the escalator or stairs, always stand to the left.


Always stand to the right on the escalator or stairs. Once at the top of the stairs, step to the right and out of the flow of the traffic. Always yield to people with disabilities, people in hurry and those with heavy packages.

8. After a job interview, a thank you note should be written within 48 hours to the interviewer.


A thank you note to the interviewer should be done the same day. The interview process is one that can stop when the right candidate comes along. Don’t wait. Increase your chances of being remembered positively by being efficient and timely.

9. It is best to butter my entire roll and then take a bite.


When dining, break your bread / roll into bite size pieces, one at a time and butter the pieces one at a time.

10. Knowing etiquettes and manners is only for certain people or special occasions.


Etiquette has no boundaries. Etiquette is knowing how to treat people. It can be at a formal dinner party or at the playground. It can be at the grocery store or a business meeting. It can be in school or at home. Etiquette works anywhere, any-time. A person with good manners is a person you want to know, a person you want to hire and a person you want to be around.