There are only two reasons we don’t Dress to Impress:  Ignorance and Laziness

IS-1In a world where image is deemed to be everything, the wrong image can cost a company millions and an individual a career or a chance at personal success and social relationships.

The Protocol helps creating an image that reflects appreciable characteristics of dignity, integrity, discipline, success, humanity and reliability.

Your image is a comprehensive package of your wardrobe, body language, communication & conversation skills, social & professional etiquette and hygiene, grooming & accessories. All these should work in a combination for you and not against you.

Individual Consulting:

We provide an elaborate personal image coaching through any one or more of the clinics on the basis of specific needs after thorough analysis and due recommendations along  with countering and reinforcing techniques.

  • Client need analysisIS-2
  • Lifestyle evaluation
  • Personal style identification
  • Color palette analysis
  • Shape analysis (face &  body)
  • Grooming & make-up
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Clothes cluster management
  • Personal shopping & fashion styling
  • Etiquette & body language
  • Communication & conversation skills 

Content highlights:
(Select from the following topics for a customized program / workshop)


  • Personal image audits
  • Wardrobe orphans
  • Creating clothing cluster
  • Accessories, Grooming & Make-up
  • Nutrition & weight management  
Body language

  • Appropriate body language
  • Reading body language
  • Body language mistakes
  • Open vs. Closed body language
  • Gender differences 

  • English language coaching
  • Public speaking / Presentation skills
  • Intra-personal / Inter-personal communication
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication skills

  • Social grace etiquette & protocol
  • Gender neutral / specific etiquette
  • Fine dining etiquette & chopsticks
  • Cell – tel & email etiquette
  • Social media manners



Appearance | Body language | Communication | Etiquette 
Blend in & Stand out