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Have questions? The Protocol has answers!

1. What is Image Consulting ?

  • Image consulting facilitates change.
  • Image consulting involves working with Appearance, Body language, Communication & Etiquette to enhance ones personal and professional life.


2. Who needs Image Consulting?

  • Business professionals, fresh college graduates, corporates and almost everyone who wants to stand out in the crowd needs Image Consulting.


3. Men don’t need to care much about their appearance, is it so?

  • One thing unites all our clients, no matter how different they are: All of them care about their appearance, male or female alike.
  • Often, an individual is prompted to engage our services because of a change in life that makes one’s personal image come to the forefront.
  • For example, promotions at work, divorce, illness, a new relationship, re-entering the workforce and other such events are often the impetus for a person to want to take control of the image they present to others.


4. When should one take consultations on image? Which is the right program ?

It all depends…
Anyone and everyone can choose to get help for many reasons, including:

  • About to start a new job, need to look the part.
  • Just lost weight and need new clothes to go with the new body.
  • Have gained some weight and know the importance to feel and look good at whatever weight one is.
  • Have an important personal or professional event coming up (e.g., reunion, family party, important business dinner, wedding, conference, public & television appearance, product launch, annual events, travel plans).
  • Just had a milestone birthday and want to do something nice for oneself.
  • They are just plain ready!


5. What makes an Image Consultant (IC) different from fashion stylists, wardrobe consultants & personality developers ?

  • An IC is all of them, a fashion stylist, wardrobe consultant and personality developer. However an IC does more than simply assess your style.
  • A good IC helps you to address your fashion areas that can assist you in achieving your image goals.
  • ICs are guided but not driven by the fads and fashion trends.
  • They believe that each client inherently wants to look fabulous in a way that is authentic, appropriate, affordable and attractive.


6. How can a corporate organization benefit by Image consulting ?

  • Image Consulting can help mid to upper-level executives to develop life skills about appearance, body language, communication and etiquette, thus generating an impactful image.


7. Will an Image Consultant (IC) impose own tastes upon the clients ?

  • My training in psychology confirms that a person’s unique persona should never be violated.
  • IC works with clients to help them discover their hidden potentials and their “true self”, which may have been buried under years of habit, conformity and misinformation.
  • An IC is empathetic and hence makes one comfortable by understanding needs, honoring choices, thus making the experience enjoyable.


8. Is going to an Image Consultant (IC) an expensive endeavour ? One might find that their clothes are all wrong and have to spend a lot of money to get new ones.

  • No. An IC will actually show one how to save a lot of time and money. If anything in ones closet doesn’t flatter or enhance the looks, IC can probably show how to “fix” it.
  • In addition, an IC can suggest getting more mileage out of the present wardrobe with a few tricks of the trade.
  • Furthermore, an IC knows most of the outlets for getting great clothes that are value for money.


9. What results can I expect ?

You can expect to …

  • Identify what motivates you to make fashion and image choices and how to re-inspire yourself in a truly positive and fulfilling way.
  • Explore who you are at a deep level and ultimately align your inner & outer beauty.
  • Learn why you don’t wear certain items of clothing or accessories and avoid wasting your money on those kinds of purchases.
  • Take the guesswork out of knowing what to wear by learning how to use colors, styles, designs, accents, details, patterns and fabrics as they relate to your personal uniqueness.
  • Learn how to make shopping more fun and rewarding by knowing what to focus your attention in a store.
  • Never again feel you have to settle for purchasing a functional piece of clothing unless it also speaks of who you are!


10. How long does it take to get results ?

  • Each step you take along the way gives you results. Remember, this is not a television makeover show, everyone moves at their own pace and that’s absolutely fine.
  • The important part is that Image Consultant is there to help you integrate the changes and celebrate the results.
  • Our personal style is very…well…personal and it is important to allow yourself time to make these changes one step at a time – that is the way to long-lasting transformation!


11. Does color analysis limit the number of colors one can wear ?

  • In reality, one can wear nearly every color that exists.
  • One simply needs to find suitable tints, tones and shades of each color.
  • It is learnt that most people discover “new” colors that they never thought of wearing before.
  • Also, with the unlimited range of artificial dyes these days, new shades of “old” colors emerge constantly.


12. Is Colour analysis only relevant above the waist ?

  • The closer a colour is to the face, the more impact it has on your colouring.
  • Colours worn below the waist have little or no impact on your face and therefore your colouring.
  • This means that any colour can be worn below the waist without adversely affecting your colouring.
  • However, colour can affect your apparent size; and this means anywhere you wear colour, its impact on your size should be taken into consideration.


13. Is Colour affected by fabric ?

  • This is an important area totally overlooked.
  • All colours are affected by the fabric it is combined with, e.g. the colour ‘burgundy’ looks completely different in gabardine, silk, satin, corduroy and linen.
  • Man-made and natural fabrics also need to be considered.
  • The texture, weave and surface of fabrics all have their place to play in selecting garments.