Behave like a likeable person

CC-1Every year new graduates enter the workforce filled with excitement, anticipation and trepidation.  It’s a time where everything is new and unfamiliar – a time where attitudes are shaped and habits are formed.

Entering the corporate world requires a completely different set of skills than those needed on campus.  

Learning the basic skills of image management at the beginning of your career is an essential step in establishing your position within the company, with peers and managers. This helps to motivate them to believe in your talents, listen to your ideas and take action on your proposals.

At The Protocol, we enable new graduates and recruits to make the transition, from the casual lifestyle of university to the corporate corridors, smooth and stress-free. 

Content highlights:
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  • Resume writing & interview ready
  • Make a great impression: First Time, Every Time
  • Importance of appearance, body language & communication
  • Social & professional etiquette
  • Casuals vs. career wardrobe
  • Build professional relationships
  • Avoid toxic traits & credibility robbers
  • Time & stress management

Appearance | Body language | Communication | Etiquette 
Blend in & Stand out