Body language speaks fluently

BL-1Basic elements of body language are universal across cultures. It consists of our communication through the use of facial expressions, eye movements, gestures, posture, positioning, orientation, touch and the use of space.

There are times we choose to express our emotions, feelings and attitudes through our body language and at other times our true feelings leak out accidentally, even sometimes contradicting the words we have spoken.

However, to determine  the true meaning of non-verbal communication, all signs to be read in clusters.

The Protocol can assist individuals to converse correctly  through body language.

Content highlights:
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  • Positive body language
  • Cultural differences
  • Reading body language
  • Translating gestures into words
  • Open vs. Closed body language
  • Body language mistakes
  • Gender differences 

Appearance | Body language | Communication | Etiquette 
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